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90% of people said they were more likely to remember brand’s ad if it was funny.

Comedy copywriters make even small brands “standup” and get noticed!  

Ready to get content that makes people happy and buy?

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Sales are a Laughing Matter.

48% said of people polled reported they didn't feel they had a relationship with a brand unless it made them smile or laugh.

Got chuckle-worthy content? Do people laugh? Do they feel lighter after reading or watching your brand’s content?

Funny Builds Fame.

Building fame for your brand creates superior results all-around from sales, to engagement, brand loyalty and sky-rocked growth.

Squatty Potty? Old Spice? Funny ads. (see you do remember funny ads)

Social is a Joke.

 41% of Gen-Z respondents and 34% of Millennials use social media "to find funny or entertaining content."

Humor boosts your brand organically.

What We Do.

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"Fantastic. She's a real pro. She's hilarious and a wonderful comedy writer, a real top shelf talent! She understood the project completely and every step of the way did what she said she would do. And she delivered an awesome final product. I couldn't be happier."

Rian Milleti

"This is our second project . This time it was a no brainer to work with the best. Get her before she goes off and writes for the Tonight Show. "

Ruble Chandry

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Ready for clever, comedic sales-worthy copy to grab eyeballs and scale faster?

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